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Watch: Most bizzare dismissal in cricket history; ball stuck in wicketkeeper helmet, batter given out


Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world, behind the world’s most popular sport Football. The sport is mainly popular in countries like India, Australia, England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa etc. However, other countries also stepping-up.

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While cricket is mostly being dominated in the South Asia region, in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc, there are very few national teams who are as good in this sport. There are very few teams from Europe who play the game. Meanwhile, Americas is also very far behind.

However, now even continents like Americas, Europe are stepping-up. More countries are now playing cricket. In Europe, there aren’t much craze about cricket, except for England, Ireland and Scotland. But, cricket is now developing there.

In Europe, there is a T10 League that is quite famous for some craziness that has been witnessed in the league. And the league is once again making the headlines after one of the most crazy dismissal seen in cricket history.

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In a European Cricket T10 League match played on the 18th of September in Rome, Italy. In the match played between Kent Lanka Cricket Club and Casilina, something bizzare happened that absolutely amused the cricket fans.

When batting first, Kent Lanka Cricket Club scored 105 runs for the loss of wicket 7 wickets. Kent batter Nicolo Fernando was the team’s top scorer, batting on 40 runs. He was looking to accelerate the inning, but got out in a bizzare way.

Of Shehanka’s bowling, Fernando tried to play a big shot, but the ball took an outside edge and it got stuck between the grills of the wicketkeeper’s helmet. The batter was given out.

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After Kent Lanka Cricket Club scored 105 runs in the 10 overs, they restricted Casilina for just 73 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in their 10 overs. As a result, Kent Lanka Cricket Club won the match by 32 runs.