ICC issues new guidelines for Super Over in T20I cricket

Adelaide Oval stadium , Photo Source: the.drone.bros(Instagram)

ICC issues new guidelines for Super Over in T20I cricket:

The Super Overs have been the matter of concern in the modern-day cricket as the way how the final ended between England and New Zealand, every cricket fan has criticized ICC for its rules. The old rule for Super Over stated that the winner of the match will be decided on the basis of a boundary count if there was a tied Super Over. However, the board quickly took note of its mistake and understood that they had committed a massive error.

They then changed the rule for Super Over saying that the Super Overs will repeat each other until the match gets a clear winner. Now, for the T20I cricket as well, this rules will apply as in the latest development, ICC declared:
“If the match is tied a Super Over is played. If the Super Over is a tie, then subsequent Super Overs shall be played until there is a winner,” state a clause in the new guidelines.


But now the area of concern was that what if there are ‘n’ number of tied Super Overs. Will the teams continue to play cricket forever until they get a winner? For that, ICC has come with a new modification which goes as follows.
“In circumstances where there are unavoidable time constraints, such as, but not limited to, double-header matches which do not allow the completion of multiple Super Over(s) the Home Board may, prior to the start of the series and by notification to the participating teams, limit the number of possible Super Overs,” state the ICC guidelines.

There will be a 5 minutes break between the Super Overs and the bowler who bowled the first Super Over will not be eligible to bowl the second Super Over. This indirectly means that there can be a maximum of 11 Super Overs now. These are the new changes and it will be interesting to see how they affect the T20I cricket now.