Here’s why 26th December matches are all called Boxing Day Test

India vs South Africa Australia vs England Boxing Day Test match

The first Test between India and South Africa is set to begin on Sunday, the 26th December, the Boxing Day Test day. Meanwhile, the third Test match between Australia and England has started in Melbourne on the same day.

However, whether it is in the news or in the commentary box, these matches are being termed as Boxing Day Tests. But why are these matches called Boxing Day Tests ?


In fact, matches starting the day after Christmas are all called Boxing Day Test matches. On this day, there is a different kind of excitement among the supporters about the game.

In addition, Boxing Day Test matches have a special place in the world of cricket. Although many have heard of the Boxing Day Test match, many may not know what a Boxing Day Test is.

In such a situation it becomes necessary to know and many fans also wonder what is the meaning of the Boxing Day Test ?


December 26, the day after Christmas, is called Boxing Day. In the 1800’s it was a day when workers would receive Christmas presents from their employer or organization, which would be in a box.

That is why it is called Boxing Day. Test matches played on this day are called Boxing Day Test matches. The special thing about this Test match is that it is a holiday.

In this situation, the spectators also comes to watch the matches in large numbers and enjoyed the matches. However, this time the spectators of Centurion have to be deprived of the gift of Boxing Day Test.

Due to the COVID-19, spectators are not allowed to enter the stadium during the India v South Africa Test match. As a result, cricket fans will not be able to sit in the fun centurion of Boxing Day Test.

On the one hand, the spectators will not be able to enter the Centurion, on the other hand, the spectators will be able to watch the England vs Australia match held in Melbourne.

This time two Boxing Day red ball matches are being played on the same day. The third Test of the Ashes series between Australia and England is also being played on the December 26th.

The last time the Indian team played a Boxing Day Test match against Australia was in Melbourne. Virat Kohli was not the captain of the team at that time. India was led by Ajinkya Rahane. Team India won that match.

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