Kohli’s MRF bat is costlier than the Spartan bat which Dhoni has! Do you know why?


Virat Kohli the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, is known for his aggressive batting on field. He is not only a great player but also a person who has great investment from sponsors; by endorsing various brands. This is because of the popularity he has among people; especially his fans..

Right from the day he took over the captaincy role of Team India, his market value increased more. And currently, he is the only Indian cricketer, who has a place in the Forbes Top 100 Highly Paid Athletes in the world. His income from various sponsors might be one of the reasons for a place on that list.

While saying about sponsors, it is important to have a look at his income; apart from endorsing in commercial advertisements. Kohli not only gets good income by endorsing commercial ads; but also gets paid by sponsors for every kit he uses. Especially the bat which he uses is giving him a really good income. Even the cost of Drinking Water of Kohli will amaze you.


Spartan or MRF; which is costlier?

Can you guess who’s getting more income by endorsing ads in their bat? If you think it’s MS Dhoni, then I’m afraid to say that you’re wrong. At present Dhoni’s bat value has been overshadowed by someone else. And it’s none other than Virat Kohli. His bat is being sponsored by MRF; and it’s bringing him a whooping income of 8 Crores. This money is just for that logo he has on his bat.

Cost of Kohli’s bat

Kohli’s bat costs somewhere around ₹20,000; and this is because of the number of grains he has on his bat. Generally, more grains in a cricket bat indicates a stronger stroke in the willow. A bat having grains around 6 to 12  is considered to be of high quality. And the Indian skipper has 8 to 12 grains on his bat; by which the price is around ₹17,000 to ₹23,000. 

Due to some restrictions which Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) had brought; many cricketers had to change their bat. But these restrictions didn’t affect Kohli, as his bat satisfied all the conditions regulated by them.