Only Cricket Law That Has Not Been Changed Since Its Inception

Cricket Law
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Laws of cricket is the guideline based on which cricket is played worldwide. The earliest laws were drafted in 1744, and since then, it has been maintained by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in London. There are a total of 42 Laws in this code. In this article, we talk about the only cricket law that has not been changed since its inception.

Numerous changes in cricket laws

Cricket laws are changed very often to incorporate the emerging trends in game viewership. In the current era, it is hard for any sport to retain its followers if it does not evolve often. Being a game that takes a longer time to finish compared to the other sports, cricket has also had to change a few of its laws to suit the new generation.


While International cricket sees changes less often, the domestic T20 leagues almost have a change in rules every season. We have also seen boards invent a new format like ”The Hundred”. The Australian Cricket Board makes several changes to the game format for every season of BBL. CPL, too, has seen its fair share of changes.

The only cricket law that has not been changed

Cricket Ground
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The only rule to have remained unaltered since the cricketing laws were made in 1744 is the length of the pitch which is 22 yards. It is surprising to note that this rule has not been touched so far. That said, it would not be a surprise if there are few changes in this rule, as well. However, only time has the answer for this.

The length of a pitch is important in the game of cricket. It has the potential to change the complexion of the sport. Especially for the bowlers, a slight change in the length of the pitch could mean that their skills have to be reworked upon.


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