Top 12 Guinness World Records that are in the name of Cricketers


6.Highest catch in cricket history


No, we are not talking about most catches in cricket, but the highest cricket ball catch. Alyssa Healy earned this unique record to her name at the MCG, by taking a catch of a ball that went 80 meters high from the ground surface.

5.Oldest international player on debut

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A lot of nations are taking up cricket as a sport now. Romania and Turkey are two new entrants and in August 2019 last year, a Turkish player named Osman Göker made his international debut when he was 59 years 181 days old.

4.Ten wickets in an innings and that too all bowled

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Earlier, there was a mention of a bowler from Nepal who took all wickets in a limited-overs match. But, John Wisden has achieved another unique feat, he has taken ten wickets in an innings, destroying the stumps on all occasions. He was playing for North against South in 1850.

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