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Here is how Shaheen Afridi responded to his reported dressing room fight with Babar Azam

Shaheen fight Babar

The last few days have not been great for anyone associated with Pakistan cricket. There have been rumours that Shaheen Afridi and Babar Azam were involved in a dressing room argument. Now, Shaheen Afridi has reacted to it. Here, we take a look at how Shaheen Afridi responded to his reported dressing room fight with Babar Azam.

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It is not the best situation when there is a tense situation inside the dressing room. This will not reflect well for the team’s performance on the field. Hopefully, Pakistan can now get things back on track.

Shaheen Afridi responds to the rumoured fight with Babar Azam

All of it started with the terrible show by Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2023. A number of players were responsible for this performance. Some of the controllable factors such as injuries also did not help Pakistan. Reportedly, in the dressing room, Shaheen was not happy when Babar asked all the players to play responsibly. He felt that it was a generic statement. Rizwan had to come in between to stop the war of words.

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Now, with a single post on social media, Shaheen Afridi has put a full stop to all the rumours. Here is what he said about his relationship with Babar Azam:

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Time for Pakistan to fix the holes

Now, it is high time that Pakistan arrests the problems surrounding the team. The team might have to make some forced changes but not many drastic decisions need to be taken.

There are reports that Shadab Khan would be dropped. However, it needs to be noted that it would be a haste decision because Shadab is just having a rough patch. Also, the team will need to think about rotating the bowlers often so that they will remain injury-free throughout the World Cup.