Here’s why Rishi Dhawan is wearing a protective face mask while bowling against CSK in IPL

Rishi Dhawan

Rishi Dhawan has done a unique thing in the 2022 edition of the Indian Premier League. The Punjab Kings all-rounder came on to bowl for his franchise against the Chennai Super Kings with a protective face mask on. It is not a normal mask that people usually see, but it is more of something that WWE fans might have seen on the faces of pro wrestlers.


Dhawan is wearing a protective mask to protect himself for injuries. There are two probable reasons why the Punjab Kings all-rounder is wearing the protection mask. One of the journalists has mentioned on Twitter that Dhawan got hurt on his head while bowling in a domestic cricket match.

He had to be taken to the hospital for further scans. Thus, he wears a protective mask to protect himself from injuries like that.

“Good on Rishi Dhawan to be wearing a face shield. Was hit on the face by a ball on his follow through during the second round of Ranji Trophy. Had to be taken to hospital for scans,” the journalist wrote.

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Is Rishi Dhawan wearing a protection mask because he has a nose injury?

A Twitter user has mentioned the second reason why Rishi Dhawan could be wearing a face mask in the IPL 2022 match between the Punjab Kings and the Chennai Super Kings. The cricket fan felt that Dhawan is wearing a mask because he has a nose injury and to protect himself for further damage, he is playing with a protection mask.

“For all those wondering why Rishi Dhawan is wearing a face guard : Rishi Dhawan has a nose injury, he dislocated it when a ball hit him during practice and had to go through a minor surgery. To protect it from any further risk of damage, he is wearing it,” the Twitter user wrote.

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