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3 Players Hired Using RTM In 2018 But Might Go Unsold In 2022 Mega Auctions

Mohit Sharma

The Right to Match (RTM) card is an interesting option in the Indian Premier League. Usually, it has been used by franchises on players who are important but at that same time, the desired squad can be constructed without them. In this article, we take a look at three players hired using RTM in 2018 but might go unsold in 2022 mega auctions.

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At times, with RTM cards available, franchises might tend to use them on players whom they might not be too desperate about. In 2018, there were a couple of such decisions. A few of these players might actually go unsold at the upcoming mega-auctions before IPL 2022.

1) Mohit Sharma (INR 2.4 Cr – Punjab Kings)

Mohit Sharma was signed by Punjab Kings using an RTM card at the IPL 2018 mega-auctions. However, the player was not able to justify the decision. He was later released and Mohit played for a year at Delhi Capitals. That said, at the moment, Mohit’s form is disappointing. There are younger players available who can do the job that Mohit can perform. Of course, Mohit Sharma has the experience of playing for India but that may not be enough for him to warrant a contract.

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2) Piyush Chawla (INR 4.2 Cr – Kolkata Knight Riders)

Piyush Chawla is still rated highly in the Indian Premier League. Even Mumbai Indians betted on him for IPL 2021. However, Piyush’s form and fitness will be a concern for the teams that will sign him. He has the experience of playing IPL, but his variations seem outdated at the moment. Teams might rather go for a younger spinner who will help them over the next three seasons.

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3) Dhawal Kulkarni (INR 0.75 Cr – Rajasthan Royals)

Dhawal Kulkarni was hired using RTM in 2018 by Rajasthan Royals. Later, the Mumbai pacer made the switch to Mumbai Indians. He has not played a lot of IPL cricket and unlike the previous years, he does not enjoy popularity at the domestic level, too. Hence, he might go unsold at IPL 2022 Auctions.