5 Captains With Highest Toss-Win Percentage in IPL (Min. 20 Games)

Adam Gilchrist and Ajinkya Rahane

Captaincy is a crucial element in T20’s. Especially in a tournament like IPL where there are plenty of games, leadership can be a defining component. In recent days, winning the toss is also very important. With most T20 games being won by the chasing side, every captain would want to call it right before the game. However, a few skippers have luck not favouring them. Therefore, toss-win percentage in IPL can vary.

In this article, we take a look at the captains with the highest toss-win percentage in IPL. Of course, this does not guarantee a win and there lies the beauty of the game. We consider a minimum of 20 games for the captains to have led in compiling this statistic.

5. Shreyas Iyer – 58.54% (24 wins in 41 games)

Although this number could either increase or decrease, as of IPL 2021, Shreyas Iyer will be the fifth-best on this list. The Mumbaikar has actually done well so far with the captaincy responsibility. Though he was given the task at a young age, Iyer has adapted himself to the pressure and has already produced results, as well. He led the Delhi-based outfit to the finals for the first time ever in IPL 2020. There is potential in him to improve even further, and that’s exciting for Indian cricket.


4. Adam Gilchrist – 59.46% (44 wins in 74 games)

Toss-win percentage in IPL was not a great factor at that time. During the initial seasons when T20 as a format was still evolving, the decision at the toss was usually based on the pitch conditions and the team combinations. Nevertheless, Adam Gilchrist, during his tenure as the captain of Deccan Chargers and Kings XI Punjab, did enjoy a good time at the toss. Not only that, but Gilly also succeeded as a captain. He helped Deccan Chargers lift the trophy back in 2009.

3. Shane Watson – 60% (15 wins in 25 games)

At No.3 on this list, we have the Australian all-rounder Shane Watson. The big-hitting player has had the chance to lead Rajasthan Royals on a few occasions. He led RCB, too, for a couple of times. He also has a good record of winning the tosses. The recently retired cricketer won 60 percentage of his tosses, which is surely a very good number. That said, for the kind of impact he had on the tournament, you would imagine that Watto had to get few more games as the captain of a squad.

2. Ajinkya Rahane – 60% (15 wins in 25 games)

Ajinkya Rahane
Photo: Ajinkya Rahane/Instagram

It is surprising to note that Ajinkya Rahane has, so far, captained only 25 games in IPL. Although many consider him to be a veteran in this tournament, in terms of leadership, he actually does not possess much experience. Nevertheless, when it comes to toss-win Percentage in IPL, he does have a good record. Although Shane Watson also has the same percentage, we have ranked Rahane higher because he possesses a better captaincy win percentage than Watto.


1. Harbhajan Singh – 70% (14 wins in 20 games)

Harbhajan Singh got the chance to captain Mumbai Indians during the initial seasons. At that time, Sachin Tendulkar had to miss out due to an injury, and Bhajji stepped up in his absence. The Punjab cricketer has got the best toss-win Percentage in IPL. He has also found decent success as the captain of the Mumbai Indians. In fact, even with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Rohit Sharma in the playing XI, the current KKR player led the squad out to the field a few times.

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