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5 Indian Batsmen And The Distance In KM They Have Covered By Running Between Wickets In ODI’s

MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli ODI
Photo Source: Twitter

Running between wickets to score runs is very important in ODI’s. While scoring boundaries are important, it is equally necessary to keep your wicket. In between, though, batsmen are expected to keep the scoreboard ticking. It is here that running the singles and doubles come to the fore.

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Especially for the Indian batsmen, running between the sticks is an essential part of their game. This is what keeps them busy and help them to launch at the end. The strategy has also found success, so far. This article picks five top Indian batsmen and finds out the distance they have covered by running the 22 yards on the pitch.

Calculation: 1 yard = 0.914 m; Crease to Crease Distance = 19.3 yards; 19.3 yards = 1 run; 1 run = 17.64 m

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1) Virat Kohli – 120.9 KM (6859 runs by running between wickets) *

The active cricketer with the most distance under his belt is, of course, Virat Kohli. A master chaser, Virat is an astute reader of the game. He knows when to stay put and when to accelerate during an innings. Also, founded on his fitness skills, Virat has made running between the sticks an important part of his game. All of this has made him run almost 120.9 KM in between wickets. He still has plenty of years in his career to add to the tally.

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2) Sachin Tendulkar – 162.1 KM (9192 runs in 1’s, 2’s and 3’s)

With more than 9000 runs coming by running the 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s, the Master Blaster has covered a total of 162.1 KM in ODI cricket. Sachin is one of the highest scorers of boundaries in the history of the game. However, having had to play in the top-order, Sachin also had to work on singles and doubles to elongate his stay in the crease. This led him to run one of the highest distances in ODI history.

3) MS Dhoni – 107.1 KM (6075 runs by running between wickets)

For quite a few years, MS Dhoni was the No.1 ODI batsman in the ICC charts. This is despite MSD operating mostly in the middle-order. Also, most of Dhoni’s stints at the crease had the dosing of pressure to score quick runs. Yet, MSD performed well and retired as one of India’s ODI greats. Known for his fitness and pace between the wickets, MSD ran a total of 107.1 KM in ODI cricket.

4) Rohit Sharma – 77.8 KM (4413 runs in 1’s, 2’s and 3’s) *

Rohit Sharma ODI
Photo: Rohit Sharma/Instagram

Rohit Sharma is one of the best boundary hitters in the game. It is not a surprise that he has one of the highest six-hitting rates in the sport. Hence, it is understandable that Rohit has not been a keen user of the singles and doubles to get his runs. He works more on his timing and fearlessness to add runs to the team’s cause. That said, he will have plenty more games to add to his tally.

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5) Sourav Ganguly – 101.1 KM (5735 runs by running between wickets)

Sourav Ganguly was one of the highest ODI run-scorers for Team India. The former skipper was also known as the ‘God of Off-side’ for his terrific cover drives. Dada was popular for the big hits, too. In his entire ODI career, the current BCCI president ran almost 101.1 KM in between the wickets. This served India very well in many games at the break of this century.