6 Interesting Facts About KKR Opener Venkatesh Iyer

Venkatesh Iyer
Photo: Venkatesh Iyer/Instagram

Indian Premier League has been the platform through which a number of unknown talents in India have got their chance to showcase their skills. A few have even gone on to represent India. The likes of Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah are the perfect examples of the same. Venkatesh Iyer is the newest emerging talent in the league. In this article, we tell you six interesting facts about KKR opener Venkatesh Iyer.

The Madhya Pradesh cricketer was brought by KKR in IPL 2021 auctions. He did not get a chance in the first phase of the competition. However, in the UAE leg, Iyer made his debut against RCB on September 20th. He played a match-winning knock and has followed up with a good show against Mumbai Indians, too. Iyer has been able to hit established overseas bowlers and the best part about him has been his fearlessness.


1) An ambidextrous all-rounder

One of the interesting facts about KKR opener Venkatesh Iyer is that he belongs to a very rare breed called an ambidextrous all-rounder. These are cricketers who bat and bowl with a different hand. They are rare because most of the players perform both skills with their dominant hand. Iyer bats left-handed but bowls right-arm seam. Hence, he is part of the list that features the likes of Ben Stokes.

2) Representing Madhya Pradesh despite coming from a South Indian family

We have seen plenty of cricketers from North Indian families doing well for Ranji Trophy teams based in South India. The likes of Mayank Agarwal and Manish Pandey are examples of the same. However, Iyer is someone who belongs to the opposite kind. He is from a South Indian family but plays cricket for a team in central India.

3) A bright student

Venkatesh Iyer has revealed that he had always been a bright student in academics. In fact, he even agreed that he was inclined towards academics. Also, being from a South Indian family, education was always important.

Venkatesh Iyer
Photo: Venkatesh Iyer/Instagram

4) Has an MBA degree

Iyer had initially enrolled for his B.Com degree, alongside a chartered accountancy degree. However, he later discontinued C. A and went ahead with an MBA. He finished and earned an MBA degree in Finance. This was the backup career option that he had planned.

5) Gave up a lucrative job offer

In 2018, he got a job with the accounting firm Deloitte. It was a job that was promising him a big paycheque. Iyer also had to move to Bengaluru for the same. However, he gave up the job because he wanted to pursue the sport of cricket.

6) A big fan of Superstar Rajinikanth

For many in the country, being a fan of Superstar Rajinikanth comes default. It is no different for KKR opener Venkatesh Iyer. He is a big fan of the legend and has revealed that he never misses a movie of his. Regarding this, he had once said, “A Thalaivar (boss) devotee. I can watch his movies ā€˜nā€™ number of times. Heā€™s a legend.”

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