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7 Players Who Could See A Massive Fall In Salary At IPL 2022 Mega-Auctions

Suresh Raina and Eoin Morgan

Mega-Auctions usually see players getting a lesser salary as compared to when they would go under the hammer during a smaller auction. With the IPL 2022 Mega-Auctions set to happen soon, we could see this repeat on February 12th and 13th in Bengaluru On that note, in this article, we take a look at seven players who could see a massive fall in salary at IPL 2022 Mega-Auctions.

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Apart from the auction dynamics playing a role, the value of a player’s stocks might have also reduced in a year. The performance of a player, be it at the international level or the franchise level, will have an effect on his performance at the auctions. In line with this, a few players could witness a massive fall in their salaries.

1) K Gowtham

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 9.25 Cr

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K Gowtham was CSK’s costliest buy at IPL 2021 Auctions. Yet, the Karnataka all-rounder did not get a single game. At IPL 2021 Auctions, it was more of a supply and demand reason why Gowtham went for a huge sum. However, at IPL 2022 Auctions, the player might go for a lesser amount. There are more options in the market and moreover, Gowtham has not done extraordinarily well in the few chances that he has got so far.

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2) Krunal Pandya

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 8.8 Cr

Krunal Pandya is one of the players who could see a massive fall in salary at IPL 2022 Mega-Auctions. The Baroda all-rounder was signed using an RTM back in IPL 2018. In recent seasons, Krunal’s form has dropped. While he is becoming less effective with the ball, he is also not able to construct big scores with the bat. This could have an impact when he goes under the hammer in Bengaluru.

3) Suresh Raina

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 11 Cr

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Suresh Raina will have a hard time in getting an hefty contract for IPL 2022. His recent form has not been great and he has largely been inactive in domestic cricket. Hence, his salary might see a massive fall.

4) Eoin Morgan 

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 5.25 Cr

It would actually not be a surprise if Morgan goes unsold. However, for his captaincy, there could be a few suitors. The salary, though, is likely to reduce for the English captain.

5) Dinesh Karthik 

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 7.4 Cr

Had he been a few years younger, DK could have received a similar priced contract. However, he is the wrong side of thirties at the moment. Therefore, teams might not stretch a lot for the player.

6) Pat Cummins

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 15.5 Cr

Pat Cummins went for a big sum in IPL 2020 Auctions and KKR kept hold of him for IPL 2021. That said, Cummins will go for a lesser bid for IPL 2022. One of the main reasons is because there would be more options for the franchise at the upcoming event.

7) Manish Pandey 

Salary for IPL 2021 – INR 11 Cr

Manish Pandey is also one of the players who could see a massive fall in salary at IPL 2022 Mega-Auctions. He had a big pay day in IPL 2018 Auctions but since he has not done well after that, Manish will surely earn a lesser amount this time around. There are also more younger options in the market for his profile.