IPL 2020: 8 Players Who Hit More Sixes Than Boundaries (Min.10 sixes)

Photo: MI/RR

The most enjoyable part of a T20 game is watching balls projectile off the bat and land in the stands. This aspect is also something that gives the maximum returns of a ball to the batting team. Hence, the teams are slowly concentrating on developing this attribute of the players. In fact, in the coming days, it might not be a surprise if teams have a specialist six-hitter in the XI. The likes of Hardik Pandya and Andre Russell are already drawing the path for the same.

While we are on that topic, we would address an absorbing statistic in this article. We talk about eight players who scored more sixes than boundaries in IPL 2020. Please note that players who have scored a minimum of 10 sixes have only been considered.

1. Sanju Samson – 21 fours and 26 sixes

Although Sanju Samson was always famous for his timing, very few knew that he had such a good six-hitting side to his batting. IPL 2020 was a sort of exhibition of Sanju’s extraordinary skills. Irrespective of the bowler, the Kerala-batsman backed himself to clear the boundary, and on most occasions, it paid off. The smaller boundaries in some stadiums helped him as well. However, the youngster failed to get the big scores consistently, and hence, his boundary-count was low. Nevertheless, with this new dimension, Sanju would get more opportunities with Team India.


2. Nicholas Pooran – 23 fours and 25 sixes

Just like Sanju, Nicholas Pooran too came out as a reliable six-hitter from this edition. West Indians are known for their power, and despite a smaller frame, Pooran did not disappoint his countrymates. He scored 25 sixes in 2020, and the number was two more than the boundary-count. With an out-of-form Glenn Maxwell at the other end, Pooran’s contribution was massive for KXIP in this edition.

3. Hardik Pandya – 14 fours and 25 sixes

Well, it’s not a surprise that Hardik Pandya takes a mention in this list. As said earlier, Hardik is turning out to be a specialist six-hitter, and 2020 did no harm to his reputation. Although the big scores did not come about, Hardik’s acceleration at the end did the job for Mumbai in most instants. He hit a six in almost every game, and hence, naturally, he is present in this list.

4. Chris Gayle – 15 boundaries and 23 sixes

While Chris Gayle needs no explanation when it comes to six-hitting, we ought to mention the other dimension of his batting that the ‘Universe Boss’ showed this season. Gayle batted at No.3 for KXIP, and he had far fewer balls to understand the conditions in this edition. However, the West Indian monster brought out his percentage-game to perfection and made his runs. His strategy was effective and was one of the main reasons for KXIP to not exit the tournament very early.


5. Kieron Pollard – 15 fours and 22 sixes

At Mumbai Indians, Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya have a specific role, and that is hitting sixes. Pollard has been doing this for years, and this campaign was just yet another IPL outing for him. Although his form drifted at the fag end of the season, his sparkling touch in the initial games made it a decent season for the big West Indian.

6. Rahul Tewatia – 13 fours and 17 sixes

Well, he was the surprise package of IPL 2020. Very few expected Rahul Tewatia to perform as he did for the Rajasthan Royals. In fact, he was not even in the expected XI of the squad before the season began. Especially in the game against KXIP, when almost every sole had written off, Tewatia came back with five sixes in one over and won the game for his team. He carried on his form and won a couple of more games for RR. His six-hitting is something fans of the Indian Team would be keenly watching in the coming years.

7. Shimron Hetmyer – 11 fours and 12 sixes

Although he did not justify his price-tag, Shimron Hetmyer did well in patches for Delhi Capitals. Just like his country-mates, Hetmyer did a good job of hitting sixes this edition. Although a bundle of them did not come in a single inning, nevertheless, Hetmyer might not be worried about his second season in IPL after a horrid debut campaign that he had last year.


8. Jofra Archer – 5 fours and 10 sixes

He might be an English cricketer, but considering he was born in the Caribbean Islands, it’s not a surprise that Jofra Archer makes a naming in this list. In fact, if you take all the players who batted at No.8 and below, Jofra was the best of the lot. Many knew that he had this ability but it was only in 2020 that it came out. RR would be thrilled about this prospect in the coming years.