“You guys can keep on comparing, deep down we all know Women’s IPL is already 2nd best” – Twitter reacts as both Greame Smith and Najam Sethi claim SA20 League and PSL is 2nd best T20 cricket league in the world

SA20 PSL Women's IPL

With the emergence of many new T20 cricket league from all around the world with the UAE International League T20 (ILT20) and South Africa’ SA20 League being the latest to join the list, there is always a comparison as to who is the best.


With seeing the grand success of the BCCI organised Indian Premier League (IPL) ever since its inception in the year 2008, and its role in the development of the Indian cricket, bringing many new talents to the forefront.

Seeing it helping the Indian team, many new cricket board decided to introduce their own cricket league that can boost their cricket structure. Australia and West Indies followed the IPL first with Big Bash League and the Caribbean Premier League.

Pakistan also joined in the fray and soon more T20 leagues started to emerge from all corners. Sri Lanka, UAE and South Africa. And now many are comparing their country’s league with others.

While everyone knows it’s impossible to displace the IPL from 1st place, everyone is fighting for the 2nd place. Recently, Greame Smith and Pakistan’s Najam Sethi stated the SA20 League and Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the 2nd best league respectively.

While PSL has been going on for some time now, the SA20 League is seeing its inaugural season and has already looked good. But meanwhile, everyone is comparing who the 2nd best league is, the Indian fans claimed the upcoming Women’s IPL has already become 2nd best with a single match yet to be played. Viacom bagged the media rights for the competition for whopping 951 crore INR that has made it one of the best for sure.

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