“Petition to ban New Zealand from every World Cup in any sports that India participates in” – Twitter reacts as New Zealand beat India in Hockey World Cup just like New Zealand always beat India in World Cup events

TR India vs New Zealand World Cup rivalry in Hockey World Cup as well

While the Indian cricket team continues to smash the visiting New Zealand cricket team in the ongoing One Day International (ODI) series being played in India. But there was another India vs New Zealand match, not cricket, was played yesterday on the 22nd January where the Kiwis came out victorious.


India is currently hosting the 2023 edition of the FIH Hockey World Cup. Team India took on the New Zealand team in the knockout round of the World Cup but it was actually the Kiwis who got the victory over the Indian team.

After the Indian hockey team’s defeat in the match against the New Zealand team, the Indian fans believe that there is a rivalry brewing the 2 sides in the competition, mentioning the India vs New Zealand rivalry in cricket.

While India have most of the time got the better of the New Zealand team in the cricket, it is actually the Kiwis who have disappointed the Indian team in the World Cup events.

Take it back to the year 2019, New Zealand handed India a heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. While the fans were optimistic about finally winning the World Cup after 2011, the Kiwis dealt a huge blow to the Indian team.

They were once again there in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 when they beat India to not allow them to make a comeback in the tournament after suffering a defeat in the first match against Pakistan, eventually India couldn’t even reach the next round.

And now once again New Zealand have had the better of India in the World Cup events when they beat India in the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023. And after New Zealand beat India, the Twitterati couldn’t understand what problem New Zealand have against India in the World Cup events.

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