5 Highest Net Run Rate Points By A Franchise In A Single IPL Season


Time and again, we have seen the net run rate (NRR) playing an enormous role in IPL playoff qualifications. Many teams have missed the Top 4 berth by having an inferior NRR. Hence, often, we have seen some strategies wherein a team losing a game plays for a lesser reduction in net run rate so that at least their loss does not define the outcome of their campaign. Sometimes, there is also a tactic where teams intend to score the highest net run rate points by finishing a game early so that they stay in the safe zone.

In this article, we take a look at the five highest net run rate points scored by a franchise in a single IPL season. Please note that since IPL 2021 is yet to conclude, we have not considered the suspended season while compiling the list.


5) 0.951 – Chennai Super Kings (IPL 2009)

Back in 2009, CSK had a splendid NRR. Although at the end of the league stage they had finished in the second position, when it came to maintaining a good NRR, CSK did well. That season, CSK scored a total of 2086 runs in 255.3 overs. They conceded 1855 runs in 257.1 overs and hence, they had a good NRR. It is the fifth-best in the history of the competition.

4) 0.968 – Punjab Kings (IPL 2014)

The 2014 edition was the best season that Punjab Kings has had in IPL History. Almost everything they touched turned into gold that season, barring the final game. Especially for the first few games that were held in UAE, Punjab Kings were in top form and maintained a clean record. Thanks to the splendid form that Glenn Maxwell was in, the Kings could defeat many teams convincingly and exert complete dominance. Hence, they had one of the highest net run rate points in IPL history in that edition.

3) 1.037 – Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL 2015)

It was around this time that the terrific trio of Royal Challengers Bangalore was in top form. While Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers were scoring runs with ease, Virat Kohli was also slowly coming to his groove in IPL at around that time. The RCB squad scored 1790 runs in 191.1 overs and conceded 1693 runs in 203.2 overs that season. The bowling was also in good form, owing to Yuzvendra Chahal and Mitchell Starc.


2) 1.084 – Mumbai Indians (IPL 2010)

In the first two editions, Mumbai Indians did not enjoy much success in the competition. Considering they had the likes of Sanath Jayasuriya, Sachin Tendulkar and other legendary cricketers, the expectations were huge. But, in 2010, the men from Mumbai displayed their best brand of cricket. They topped the points table and also maintained a solid NRR of 1.084.

1) 1.107 – Mumbai Indians (IPL 2020)

Mumbai Indians
Photo: Mumbai Indians/Instagram

At No.1 on this list, we have the most successful franchise in the competition so far – the Mumbai Indians. At the edition in UAE, Mumbai Indians aced in all departments of the game. They had a squad that was just unbeatable. Hence, the Rohit Sharma-led unit won quite a few games with huge margins. While they were adding points on one side, the Mumbai Indians also kept a superb NRR, the highest in the competition till now.

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