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5 Major Changes That We Could Witness In IPL 2022

Major Changes That We Could Witness In IPL 2022

Every IPL offers an array of possibilities for BCCI to make the tournament more attractive and engaging. Hence, almost every season, we see a few changes come into the picture. At IPL 2022, too, we could see plenty of variations.

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IPL 2021 saw BCCI make a few modifications such as elimination of the soft signal. Despite these changes, both IPL 2021 and IPL 2020 have come under the shadow of pandemic. It is expected that the season that would be held next year would be devoid of this. Hence, there could be a few path-breaking changes.

1. A 10-Team competition in IPL 2022

It had to happen in 2021, but we will inevitably see two new teams next year. The last time that ten teams featured in IPL was way long back. Hence, it will be an exciting event to see two extra teams in the competition. There will also be attention on who will captain these squads and the composition of the franchise. Most importantly, the most exciting part would be as two which cities these two teams will be based out of. There are rumours that bids would be floated for the same after the end of IPL 2021.

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2. Removal of the 90-Minute rule

One of the changes in IPL 2021 was that each innings had to be done within 90 minutes. However, we might see the board take back this modification for next season. With video referrals and strategic time-outs taking a chunk of time, it is not possible to keep the time frame every time. Sometimes, unexpected injuries and time used by the batting team also have an impact on an innings.

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3. Squad Strength Increase

Squad Strength in IPL 2022
Squad Strength in IPL 2022 (Photo: Trent Boult/Instagram)

It is for sure that with more teams in the picture, the number of games would not decrease. With this, franchises would need additional reinforcements in the rooster. Also, if the home and away system is back for next season, a lot more players would be needed from a tactical point of view. All this means that the squad strength would be increased next season. While only eight foreigners are allowed in each team, we could see the number increase by one or even two in the next edition.

4. Change in playing format in IPL 2022

With ten teams in the fray, there will be a definite change in format next season. This is because it would be a hard task for the players to play a few additional games in a campaign. Hence, like it was the last time around, we could see the row and column system to decide the fixtures. Of course, there are a few marquee games, which could be given preference while deciding the groups.

5. An interactive broadcast

IPL must focus on taking the game as close as possible to the viewer. With ‘behind closed doors’ games becoming common, fans would miss out on the stadium experience. The broadcasters would have a big role to play here. They could make use of the latest technology to place more ears on the field. This way, fans would get to interact more with the game. For instance, they could be witness to the exact comments of Rishabh Pant behind the stumps or Rohit Sharma‘s messages to his bowlers.

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