5 Players RCB Might Release Before IPL 2022 Mega Auction

Dan Christian and Yuzvendra Chahal
Photo: RCB/Instagram

Royal Challengers Bangalore could have a few tough decisions to make before IPL 2022. The franchise is slowly developing a core, but with the mega-auction coming up, they must inevitably disrupt the process. Hence, although they would not like it too much, there are few players RCB might release before the mega-auction.

In the past, we have seen the franchise make a few blunders with regards to retaining and releasing cricketer. However, it seems that this issue is sorted out now. The management seems to have clarity of thought, and that could bode well for the unit. While we are on that topic, here are five players whom RCB might release before IPL 2022 mega-auction.

1. Yuzvendra Chahal

Yuzvendra Chahal is no more the kind of impactful bowler he was a few seasons ago. He is leaking a lot of runs and is also failing to pick wickets consistently. While RCB could try to buy him back at the auctions, they may not be in the position to retain him before that. In fact, from a strategic viewpoint, as well, it would be better if RCB release him now and buy him later. They could save on money and will also use the retainment quota for more important cricketers in the franchise.


2. Navdeep Saini

Navdeep Saini RCB
Photo: Navdeep Saini/Instagram

When RCB purchased Navdeep Saini a few years ago, many thought he would lead the squad’s attack for a few editions. However, although Saini did have a few good games, he has so far not improved as a T20 cricketer. While he does have pace, control and variations are still missing in his bowling. Hence, RCB may not be able to afford to retain ahead of IPL 2022. There are also players like Mohammed Siraj and Harshal Patel who could be preferred ahead of him.

3. Washington Sundar

Washington Sundar could unfortunately be one of the players whom RCB might release before IPL 2022. As much as the franchise would like to retain him, the rules may not allow them to do that. There is Virat, AB, Maxwell and Devdutt above Washi in the pecking order. Since Sundar is a capped cricketer and is so far yet to completely prove his credentials, his chances of being retained are less. However, he is still young and steadily improving. This will be one of the tough decisions to make for RCB.

4. Kyle Jamieson

Although he has surprisingly been good, RCB will not be able to afford to retain Kyle Jamieson ahead of IPL 2022. They could target him again at the IPL 2022 mega auction, though. The tall player is definitely a good T20 bowler in the making, but he still has a lot of weaknesses. He struggles bowling in late death overs and still has to work on his big-hitting skills. Therefore, RCB might release him because if they retain him, they will have to shell a lot of money since he is a capped cricketer.


5. Dan Christian

Dan Christian was more of a last resort for RCB at the IPL 2021 Auctions. They were looking for someone who could be useful in the batting order apart from providing a few overs with the ball. Although they had targeted Moises Henriques, they had to settle with Christian. The 37-year-old has not been impactful as yet, and if he does play well too, RCB will not retain him. He does not have many years left as a top-class cricketer, and the franchise would surely not invest in such cricketers at this time.

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