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IPL 2022: Will MS Dhoni play or was 2021 his last appearance?

MS Dhoni IPL 2022
Photo: CSK/Instagram

Regarded as one of the best IPL players of all time, MS Dhoni captained the Chennai Super Kings brilliantly in IPL 2021. Under his leadership, the Super Kings won five out of their seven league matches. Unfortunately, BCCI suspended IPL 2021 indefinitely, and along with the resuming date of IPL, the fans are also excited for IPL 2022 and to know will MS Dhoni play in IPL 2022?

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been one player who was the captain of an IPL team in 2008 as well as 2021. Only in 2017, MS Dhoni played as a specialist wicketkeeper batsman and not as a captain in the IPL. Whenever he has played for the Chennai Super Kings, he has always been the captain in IPL. In Champions League T20, there was a match against Yorkshire, where Dhoni did not captain, but apart from that, he has led in every game.

MS Dhoni’s IPL 2022 status is not official yet, but looking at the way CSK performed under his leadership in IPL 2021, it seems highly unlikely that the Chennai Super Kings captain will not play IPL 2022. Dhoni looks in great shape, and the delay of IPL 2021 could mean that he will play at least seven matches in the latter half of the year. So, he will have to train for that, and then IPL 2022 should be there in April-May window again.

Chances that MS Dhoni will play IPL 2022 are very high

Hardik Pandya with MS Dhoni
Chances that MS Dhoni will play IPL 2022 are very high (Photo: Hardik Pandya/Instagram)

MS Dhoni has not played a single match in front of live audience since the 2019 Cricket World Cup semifinal against New Zealand. Hopefully, IPL will resume in happier times, and the Chennai Super Kings captain will receive an opportunity to play in front of the fans once again.

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Dhoni deserves a huge roar while walking out to bat for the last time. Since he is the heartbeat of the Chennai Super Kings, one cannot imagine him playing for any other franchise. Also, there is a mega-auction coming up in the 2022 IPL pre-season, so MS Dhoni – the master tactician will be key in that process.

Since IPL 2021 is postponed and not canceled, it means MS Dhoni will be in action one more time this year. And given how the team has performed, Dhoni should likely continue. But at the end of the day, Dhoni is a person who keeps his thinking very private. No one knew that he was going to retire from Tests and international cricket when he actually announced it. So, the probability is very high that MS Dhoni will play IPL 2022, but one cannot guarantee it.