Most Loved Cricketers XI across the globe


Most Loved Cricketers XI across the globe

For every decade there will be a star player for each team but there are some players regardless of their own nation they were loved by whole cricket world. It’s not only because of huge amount of runs they have scored. It’s because of the character and attitude that they have produced off the field . Here we are listed out some players who will be in most loved world xi team..

Sachin Tendulkar

There are players who became famous because of cricket then there is sachin “ god of cricket “ who made the game as a famous one. Every cricket fan must have seen his straight drive and every human exist on the soil must heard his name once in their life time.

He currently holds a staggering 19 Guinness World Records titles but these are just numbers to the legend. The genuine cricketer never involved in sledging opponents once dada asked him to sledge the batsman he asks someone in the mid on to do the favour for him.

The genuine cricketer have played six consecutive world cups and have won the last CWC after 28 years. Sachin: A billion dreams documentary is made on this living legend and even before the only cricketer is a part our school syllabus.